About Me

Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina on July 6, 1988 and raised in Taylor, Mississippi, Kenneth Toles Jr. is no stranger to hard work. Growing up, he experienced growing his own food, and enjoyed living off of the land. He experienced heart ache, and he also experienced love, during his childhood. His past experiences, and the emotions stemming from them, can be seen in his passion for his work.


At the age of 24, on June 14, 2013, he was married to his wife, Yesenia. He describes that day as the one day that he will absolutely remember no matter what, because that was the day his life finally felt complete.

“I think, in order for her to say ‘yes’ to me, she has to be as crazy as I am. There’s no way she can look you directly in the eyes and say, ‘No, I’m not coocoo for my booboo.’ That’s one of the big reasons I married her. You can’t be with somebody you don’t have anything in common with.”


Kenneth has been voice acting since 2014. Kenneth has narrated many audiobooks that are on Audible, and there are a few that are not on Audible. In addition to audiobooks, Kenneth has done well over 100 advertisements, animation, video game, and corporate training voice over spots as well.

Kenneth is a self-published author and is a graduate from Southern New Hampshire  University with a master's in English and Creative Writing, specializing in Screenwriting.